Growing Bromeliads

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Growing bromeliads in the outdoor flower pot is a great way to get them into your home before frost. Indoors, you'll need a place that's free from pests and where the temperature is warm enough (70-82 F). Indoors, it's best to plan on dividing your bromeliad evenly into four separate planter boxes. It's also helpful to have some covers over the soil layers so that moisture can't pool in the soil and cause rot. Overwatering or allowing the soil to become too soft can also cause the roots to rot. Overall, having a well-planned outdoor space where you can add new plants as needed is a must-have when growing bromeliads Indoors.

Essentials for the growth of Bromeliads:

There are some essentials for the better growth of Bromeliads;

  • Proper Sunlight.
  • Regular Watering.
  • Well Drained.
  • Appropriate Climate Zones.


Method to grow Bromeliads in your GARDEN:

  • Choose a location in the garden with filtered sun and well-drained soil. Create an elevated mound of free-draining soil or chunky orchid mix in poorly drained areas.
  • Dig a hole the same size as the root ball in prepared mounds.
  • Hold the plant with one hand and backfill the hole with soil, making sure that you fill the hole systematically.
  • If a plant is unstable, it can be stabilized by placing stones or pots underneath it.
  • If you have poor soil, you can use materials such as wooden stakes, rocks, or pots to support the plant so.
  • Apply plant fertilizer in spring and again in fall, making sure to spread around the base of each plant and to water it.

Method to grow Bromeliads in your POTS:

If you decide to grow bromeliads in flower pots, select pots that can easily hold the plant's roots and the size of flowering spike that the species is capable of producing. Bromeliads should be protected from winds in outdoor planters by walls or fences.

  • Choose a planter box that is just as big or slightly bigger than the bromeliad’s original pot.
  • If you're using a plastic or ceramic pot, you'll need to add small stones at the bottom of the pot for additional.
  • Fill pots with quality free-draining potting mix, so that plants don't get waterlogged.
  • Place your plants in the hole and fold the remaining soil over the root ball. There should be no air pockets directly around it.
  • Plant a seed into moist soil and keep it moist. The seed will grow into a plant, and eventually, produce flowers.
  • When a plant is young and weak, it's helpful to support the plant with some objects such as stones or pots.
  • Every spring and autumn, give your Dynamic Lifter Liquid to your plants in the amounts recommended.


Backing measures and supports for Bromeliad Plants to grow well:

  • Plant in an area with a mix of light and shade, so the plants are protected from the harsh afternoon sun.
  • You should purchase plant support that is: wood, a backing board, or a tree stump.
  • Tie the bromeliad into place with a strip of nylon stocking or floristry wire.
  • Once you've secured the plant to its support, you can place some orchid potting mix between the plant and its support.
  • To keep your Bromeliad healthy, the roots should be in contact with moist soil.
  • When you secure the board and the bromeliad to the wall, make sure to water them well.

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