How to grow spinach

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Spinach is a hardy and simple crop to plant in the early spring and in some climates, fall months. This cool-season crop’s dark green leaves need plenty of nitrogen and a temperature between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

1.Prep the soil. Prepare your soil by loosening it about a foot deep. Soil should be nitrogen-rich and well-draining. Sow seeds directly into your garden soil outside—it is not recommended to start spinach seeds indoors, as spinach have delicate roots and don’t do well with transplanting.

2.Plant the seeds. Plant spinach seeds about a half to one inch deep in your garden, covering lightly with soil. If you live in a warmer climate, plant your spinach where it can get partial shade to keep the soil moist and prevent bolting.

3.Keep it cool. Spinach grows best when the soil is moist, but does not grow well in hot weather or in a soil temperature over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Spinach needs plenty of full sun, but to keep the crop from overheating, use shade clothes as crop row covers, or plant warm weather-resistant spinach varieties.

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