What are the Advantages of Nonwoven Grow Bags for gardening?

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Plant pots are not any different from other types of durable consumer goods. You have to seek maximum value when comparing different products. When it comes to seeking maximum value for gardening containers, fabric pots offer unmatched benefits. You might be in love with those metallic or plastic pots but once you learn the advantages of nonwoven grow bags, you will never look back.

Interestingly, people have been using fabric pots since 1980s. Since then, millions of gardeners from all over the world use them. There must be something special about them that attracts people. They are durable, lightweight, and reusable as we will see in detail later on. If you want extraordinary vegetable yields, go for nonwoven grow bags.

The skyrocketing development in technology has led to various changes in the way people carrying out farming. In industrialized commercial agriculture, you have noted that food is now confined to boxes, bags, and cans. That food is then shipped to other countries before reaching the consumer. In the modern era, people are more attracted to fast, convenient, and cheap foods. Why are people shifting to this trend? Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of nonwoven grow bags.

Prevents Root Circling and Promotes Air Pruning

If you grow a plant in a plastic nursery pot, its roots grow outwards and will finally hit those impenetrable wall. Roots will have nowhere to go. They will try to travel in all directions but still hit the walls. What happens is that the roots will start to spiral around chocking each other. This stress leads to smaller harvest and stunted growth.


The good thing about grow bags is that they do not alter the growth of roots. If you have planted in plastic containers, you have most probably witnessed circling roots. In grow bags, the roots get air pruned. Once the roots reach the side of grow bags, their tips stop growing and start developing many lateral roots. Air pruning creates roots that are fibrous. Plants with fibrous roots grow healthy and strong thus producing prolific yields.

In most cases, outdoor grower want to use the best methods that can ensure increased crop production. Fortunately, outdoor horticulturists can enjoy such benefits from grow bags. Fabric containers provide unmatched aeration benefits. Healthy roots are what leads to a highly productive garden.

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