Why are My Herbs Turning Brown?

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Indoor plants are awesome because they give your house a natural look. We all love nature and if you can bring it close to you, the experience is unmatched. Indoor herbs not only beautify homes but they also purify the air. It’s quite frustrating seeing your lovely plants turn brown. It leaves you wondering why they turn brown. Below are the reasons to explain this occurrence.

Poor watering habits

If you have seen the leaves of your indoor herbs turn brown, know that your watering habits are not suitable. The best way to water your indoor plants is flushing them until water starts running out of their drainage holes. Most people do not take time to water their plants. They just poor some little amounts and think that it will penetrate through the soil to the roots. The main reason why leaves of these indoor herbs turn brown is shallow watering.

 Lack of adequate humidity

Brown leaves are also a sign of lack of humidity. If your house is very dry, give your plants a shower regularly. Also mist them frequently for the best results. A window herb planter will help to expose your indoor herb to natural conditions. This way, they will get access to sufficient amount of humidity.

Buildup of salts

Most people are not keen to determine the amount of salts their indoor plants are exposed to. Some of them think that the more they put fertilizer to the plants, the better. As they say, too much of anything becomes poison. Don’t make the mistake of over fertilizing your houseplants. Also be careful with the water you use. To keep your plants happy, buy distilled water. Avoid water that probably has high levels of salts and other impurities. It might be expensive but ignorance is more expensive.

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