10 herbs that can be grown indoors

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When you start thinking of how to plant your herbs, you need to have in mind what you want to grow. It depends on your needs, taste, and preferences. Are there any health benefits you need? Do you want a particular taste in your food? Do you like certain herb? These are some of the questions that need to be addressed to create a garden of your choice. You don’t want to spend much time and effort on an indoor herb garden that does not satisfy your needs. These are some of the common herbs that you can consider:


Start growing basil from seedlings for the best results. Also note that it requires a lot of warmth and sunlight so the location of your garden matters a lot.


This herb is perennial and it is recommended that you grow it in a container for the best results. Ensure that the pot faces the window. For them to remain healthy, there air supply should be in plenty.


Start the seeds of this herb in late summer. Other people refer to it as French parsley. It requires low light exposure high temperatures.


These do well when grown in a pot. To allow the leaves to die back, leave them outside for some time. In winter, it is recommended that you move the pot to cool spots like the basement. It is important that you place the pot next to the brightest window for a few days.


Grow the herb from a cut of another oregano plant. plant the cut in a pot and expose it to enough sunlight.


These can be grown from seeds. Parselys like sunlight so expose them to sufficient amounts.


Rosemary is quite common because its taste is great and has a wide range of uses. It also gives your room a fresh scent. Think about having a natural freshener. It just sounds great. Acquire the cuttings of it and place them in a soilless mix for some time until they root.


Look or an outdoor sage and take a tip of it and plant it indoors. It can tolerate dry conditions but needs sufficient sunlight expose.


Get mature tarragon and plant it in a pot. Feed the plant with adequate liquid fertilizer and expose it to sunlight.


Get outdoor thyme and cut a soft tip that should be planted in a pot. This herb like the sun so ensure that the location you place the pot is exposed to sunlight.

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