Best houseplants for low light

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Let’s face it, only countable people live in houses with plentiful; amount of sunlight. You might be living in a house with a few windows and several dark rooms. This should not limit your use of indoor plant and hanging flower pot to beautify your home. Below are the best houseplants that do not require higher amounts of sunlight.

Devil’s ivy

This hanging plant that gives your house a natural appearance. The best thing about Devil's ivy is that they are available in different leaf colors. You can choose those with green leaves or one with white leaf colorations. However, solid green is the best for low light. Devil's ivy are easy to care for, versatile, and durable. They are also good for air purification and easy to propagate.

Heartleaf Philodendron

You will definitely fall in love with the heart shaped leaves of this plant. Trails can go for up to 6 inches. They look exceptionally good in a vintage plant stand. It grows fast and has thin stems. Not many people have it but that doesn’t mean that it is not popular. You can find it in a few different forms. Solid green is also the best for low light.

Solid Bamboo

This one is different and special because it grows in water. It can as well grow in soil but you will rarely see it that way. Solid bamboo makes your house look great and is not hard to maintain. You can find it in various forms. The curly or spiral type is awesome. You can make different arrangements with handmade planters. Additionally, people believe that it brings fortune.

ZZ Plant

This plant does well under minimal levels of light. It can grow up to 5’ tall. Its beautiful leaves are dark glossy green. As the plant grows older, it leaves arch out. The zz plant grows many leaves thus increasing the rate of air purification. The Midcentury plant stand is your solution to zz plants and many other indoor plants.

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