Finding the Best Metal Plant Stand in the Market

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Traditionally, a plant stand came in only two styles: mid-century types and others came in a more book-shelf design. The book-shelf type had a few shelves where you can place your small plants. 

Thankfully, currently, there are several metal plant stands that will improve your overall interior and exterior design. Here’s the catch; it’s not easy to find the right metal planter for your home. But don’t worry. With a little bit of guidance, you will be able to find the right metal plant stand. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations you should have in mind when buying a metal plant stand.


What to look for when buying a metal plant stand

1. Home design

This is actually the most important part. When you look at your whole room, do you feel the need for a metal planter? If yes, then go right ahead. It’s always important to take a minute and ask yourself if the metal plant stand is worth having in your home. You can also talk to your interior designer to help you rearrange your home space. But as long as you have a plant, then there’s a high chance that you will need a metal planter.

2. Does size matter?

Yes, of course. Whenever we talk about plants, we often refer to them in inches or size. However, this doesn’t refer to the plant at all. It actually refers to diameter of the pot. We use these measurements to accommodate the diversity that comes with different plant sizes. So, when you are choosing a metal plant stand, you should consider the size of the pot so it fits perfectly with your stand. If you have a big pot, then go for a metal stand that can accommodate the size.

3. Do I need a drainage system?

The drainage system is an important part of your planter. It’s highly recommended that you go for a planter that has excellent drainage especially if you are still testing the waters of your watering capability. But it’s very possible to make planters without drainage abilities work. It all depends on how often your plants need water.

4. Bonus Tip:

Buy from a credible source Well, I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but you deserve the truth. There are a lot of counterfeit metal planters out there so you need to be careful and cautious where you buy your planters. Go for sellers with a credible presence online and offline. This will make it easy for you to trust the sellers.

Final Word… Now you are ready to get yourself a good metal plant stand. If you are looking for the best place to buy authentic metal plant stands that will last for years to come, then you should check out this collection of plant and flower stands.

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