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Are you wondering whether herbs sold in a supermarket can do well or not when replanted? You may not have any other option of buying fresh herbs other than a supermarket in most cases so you have to know how to deal with it.

Supermarkets offer a wide range of healthy indoor herbs so with adequate knowledge on how to plant them, you will fall in love with the results. Below are top tips of replanting fresh herbs from the supermarket.


Transplant them as soon as possible

After you purchase indoor herbs, transplant them as soon as possible. Most people go wrong when they wait for a few days after they have bought their favorite herbs. To increase their chance of survival, move them into the ground or a window herb planter. Ensure that they get exposed to enough sunlight, nutrients, and water. Taking more time before transplanting leads to withering and poor health.

Supermarket staff don’t water or add fertilizer to these herbs when they sit on the shelves. Know what they have been missing and provide it immediately if you can. Help them survive and thrive quickly by exposing them to plenty of sunlight.


Divide them before transplanting

Indoor herbs sold in supermarkets are usually overcrowded. You should not plant them the same way you buy them. You definitely want healthy plants. A plant will get enough water and nutrients if you plant it alone. You may as well leave a maximum of three seedlings for each transplant. Remove the weaker herbs from the window herb planter. 


Bury the stems well

This is a great tip for transplanting basils. Bury the plant to its lowest point of leaf growth. Doing so encourages the roots of the plant to grow along the stem. Remember to provide them with sufficient amount of water to prevent transplant shock. Also check the type of soil and ensure that it contains enough nutrients.

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